There are three types of transport that Hills residents can access through The Hut, depending on the distance to be travelled and the reason for transport.

  1. Personal transport in our volunteer’ private vehicles for medical appointments for Hills residents who do not have access to their own transport.
  2. Community Buses based at The Hut which provide regular weekly shopping trips and a variety of social outings for Hills residents.
  3. Referral to Hills Community Transport in Mount Barker for eligible customers, which provides information and assistance about transport options in the Adelaide Hills plus a transport service using volunteer drivers, taxis or buses.

Please contact The Hut (08) 8339 4400 to enquire about any of these transport options and whether you are eligible for subsidised transport through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) funded through the Adelaide Hills Council.

More details on the various transport services below.

  • For medical appointments, The Hut offers personal transport in our volunteer’s private vehicles for Hills residents who do not have access to their own transport.

Transport can be provided to local medical centres.

  • The Hut Community Bus services are available to anyone registered under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) living in the Adelaide Hills Council area.

There are 7 local shopping trips offered each week with one extended trip for suburban shopping on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. The buses provide a complimentary community service, however clients are invited to make a gold coin donation each time they use the bus.

Our amazing team of bus volunteers drive the bus (drivers) and assist passengers (helpers) to load shopping bags and ensure passengers arrive safely back to their homes. They also provide much entertainment and laughter on the longer Mystery trips!

A range of new outings is always being developed. Click here to view our current timetable.

If you are not currently receiving home support services by The Hut or the Adelaide Hills Council and would like to access our Community Bus service then you will need to do the following:

  1. Register through the My Aged Care website.
  2. Request for services to be provided by the Adelaide Hills Council
  3. Council will contact you you to discuss your service needs and then provide a referral to The Hut
  4. Contact us on (08) 8339 4400 to book your bus outing.

Use of the bus for other community groups

When not being used for our services, the Community Buses are available to be used by other community groups based int he Adelaide Hills Council area. All we ask is for the bus to be refuelled prior to its return.

Download Community use guidelines

Buses are provided by the Adelaide Hills Council through their Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) to help residents remain independent in their own homes for longer.

  • Hills Community Transport is a service by the Mount Barker Council that provides information about transport services across the Hills region. For people who do not have ready access to transport (eligibility criteria apply), HCT can also provide a transport service using volunteer drivers or taxis.

Click here for more information about Hills Community Transport.

Who is eligible for transport assistance?

You are eligible for transport assistance from The Hut if you live in the Adelaide Hills Council are and you do not have any other transport options.

Other transport may include:

  • Driving yourself if you are able
  • Family or Friends
  • Public transport or taxi services.

Is there a cost for transport?

  • Local trips: $5
  • Mt Barker/City: $20

No one is refused service if they are unable to make a contribution.

How do I book for transport?

  • Give The Hut a call and speak with our receptionist
  • If possible please provide a minimum of 2 days prior to your appointment to allow us sufficient time to find a volunteer driver
  • For city appointments, Hills Community Transport has a vehicle that travels to the city daily. Click here for information about travel assistance for city appointments.