When: Saturday 10th November

Time: 10am-2pm

Where: The Hut Community Shed

Cost: Free

The Hut Community Centre welcomes you to get involved in a new initiative – The Repair Cafe.

The Repair Cafe is a pop up event that invites people of all backgrounds to get household items repaired by volunteer expert fixers for free. The Repair Cafe is a place for the community to come together, to recognise and share skills and to reduce unnecessary household waste. Volunteer repair experts will take the time to explain the repair process to participants, helping them to learn new skills and understand the benefits of repairing. The event will include live music and low cost refreshments and a general market place vibe. Our Repair Cafe is based on the worldwide Repair Cafe movement that has taken off with great success in creating community connection and promoting sustainability.

Want to get involved? Here are three easy ways;

  1. Save the date in your calendar and collect up your fixable items- Think twice before you throw out a broken or worn out household item! Collect them up and bring them along.
  2. Become a Volunteer Expert Fixer – We are looking for Volunteer Expert fixers to join us in the creation of this inaugural event. Volunteer Expert Fixers will use their skills in woodwork, sewing, basic electrical, jewellery, bicycle or anything else to help the public repair small household items they bring along. The Repair Cafe ethos recognises that some items will be beyond repair and participants will be made aware of this before taking part. We see this as a great opportunity for business people to volunteer their time and promote their business within the community.
  3. Become a General Volunteers – We are looking for General Volunteers to assist with logistics and hosting the event.
  4. Become a Volunteer Performer – We are looking for volunteer performers to share their talent with the crowd and create a vibrant atmosphere at the Repair Cafe.

We welcome your help, suggestions or feedback to make this project happen. For more information or to get involved contact Sam here.