Caring in our Community
Caring in our Community is a neighbourhood support program, in collaboration with the Adelaide Hills Council and other providers.
It aims to assist both individuals and families within the community who are in need of assistance.
Caring in our Community offers services in a crisis or while people are waiting for other services.
In some situations, long term assistance may also be possible.

Who provides assistance?
Caring in our Community is provided by volunteers from The Hut Community Centre.
All volunteers undertake training which covers such topics as confidentiality, work health and safety, and communication skills.

What types of assistance does Caring in our Community offer?

Caring in our Community offers various forms of assistance including:

  • Friendly visiting/companionship
  • Transport for appointments
  • Minor repairs
  • Dog walking.

There are certain tasks that we cannot provide, such as:

  • Child supervision (unless a parent is present)
  • Manual handling
  • Supervision of medication
  • Personal care, e.g. showering
  • Skilled activities e.g. electrical or plumbing work and/or house repairs.

How do I access Caring in our Community?

Please contact The Hut Community Centre in person, via phone (08) 8339 4400 or by submitting an enquiry below.

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