Service and Program User Rights and Responsibilities

The Hut follows the SA Government Information Sharing Guidelines. This means that this organisation will work closely with other agencies to coordinate the best support for people. Under the ISG informed consent for the sharing of information will be sought and respected in all situations unless it is unsafe or impossible to gain consent or consent has been refused and without information being shared, it is anticipated a child, young person or adult, will be at risk of serious harm, abuse or neglect, or pose a risk to their own or public safety.

Information collected for the purpose of providing a service or program may be used for statistical, reporting or quality improvement purposes but will not include any identifying information

Service and program users of The Hut, have the right to:

  • access services and programs that meet their needs (when assessed as eligible – if applicable)
  • refuse services at any time
  • receive open, clear and timely information about service and programs including any costs, in a way that is understandable to them
  • safe, quality and reliable services and programs provided in an environment free of risk of harm and in line with the National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not for Profit Organisations
  • receive services without discrimination or harassment
  • actively participate in making choices about services and programs received
  • have a trusted person/s support or advocate on their behalf in relation to programs or services used
  • have their culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics treated with respect, dignity and understanding
  • have their privacy respected and personal information kept confidential and secure
  • confidence that personal information collected will be limited to that required to provide the service or program and will only be disclosed with their consent, unless the disclosure is required to lessen or prevent a serious threat to life, well-being, safety or is required by law
  • request and gain access to their records kept by the Hut unless there is a legal restriction in place (by contacting the Hut Executive Officer)
  • nominate person/s with whom information can be shared
  • to comment or complain without fear of retribution and be informed about the outcome of their complaint or comment
  • make suggestions on how to improve the services and programs The Hut provides.

Service and program users of The Hut are responsible for:

  • respecting volunteer and staff privacy by making all contact through The Hut
  • advising The Hut of any change in their circumstances or needs as soon as possible
  • treating volunteers, staff and other service or program users with dignity and respect
  • paying associated costs or fees for the service or program
  • respecting the safety of volunteers and staff in delivering services or programs
  • informing volunteers or staff about any difficulties or concerns relating to the service or program delivery
  • informing volunteers or staff about any ideas for service or program improvement
  • taking responsibility for the results of decisions they make with staff and volunteers about their involvement in programs and services.

Click here to read our WHS Policy. All other policies can be accessed through The Hut’s reception or you can request a copy by emailing