Our Vision

A Thriving Adelaide Hills Community

Our Mission

We work collectively with others to enable opportunities that enrich the lives of our diverse community.

Our Values

We treat everyone with dignity and strive to ensure people feel safe and valued, that they have equal voice and access and are accepted in a caring, welcoming and on-judgmental manner. We respect our natural resources and endeavour to care for the environment.

Community Spirit
We work with our community with integrity, warmth and humility, acknowledging and embracing the ideas, skills and needs of individuals, groups and the wider community.

Social Connection
We are a community centre for all; supporting, promoting and strengthening opportunities for people to be connected to their neighbours and community.

We acknowledge and celebrate people’s differences and encourage participation of all through providing an environment that is non-judgmental, safe and welcoming regardless of gender, cultural and socio-economic background, religion, age or sexuality.

We aspire to be a responsive, quality, professional service by encouraging each other to be creative and visionary; to take risks and learn from failures and having the support and confidence to follow passions.

The Hut’s Constitutional Objects are to:

  • Facilitate a range of programmes, activities and services that aim to improve community and social connections and also support independent living.
  • Strengthen community capacity through providing organisational support to aligned agencies, groups or individuals.
  • Encourage and support collaborative practices across local government, business, ‘not for profit’ organisations and other community groups and the community to achieve positive benefits for the Adelaide Hills and its residents.
  • Utilise community strengths and expertise by facilitating opportunities for developing and transferring knowledge and skills.
  • To facilitate opportunities that utilise community and individuals’ strengths, skills and interests for the benefit of the community.
  • Provide educational and skill development programmes.
  • Be a hub or focus for best practice volunteering.
  • To do all such other things as may be incidental to the attainment of such objects.

Strategic Plan 2017/2021

The Hut’s Strategic Plan 2017/2021 has been developed through consultation with local community members, groups and agencies and aims to meet unmet needs within the Adelaide Hills region. Click here to view the one page overview.